Hire A Webmaster

Often it just makes more sense to farm it out...

Are you trying to be a one man show?

Getting started in online marketing can be quite frustrating if you are trying to be the “all knowing” person you are not.  Heck it can be frustrating even when you do know all the technical stuff!  

My name is Todd Moss… owner at 1Click.  We often get requests from folks that just need help with certain “website tasks”.  Things like helping them with their website, offers, squeeze pages, setting up shopping carts etc… Perhaps you just need a email capture form installed on your site.  Whatever your needs are we are here to help.  So if you need help let us know.

Prices will vary depending on what you need done but basically we charge $60 an hour with a minimum of two hours. 


Here’s a list of some things we can help you with…

  • Aweber setup
  • Website Review
  • Squeeze pages
  • WP install
  • Certain plugin installs
  • PLR sites
  • Website reviews
  • Setting up hosting
  • Clickbank Products
  • Paypal Payment links
  • Facebook Fanpage

Contact us today...

This list is by no means exhaustive so if there is anything you need done just let us know... there is not much we cannot do!
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Webmaster Monthly Retainer Plans

Perhaps you would like to have a webmaster on retainer so that he is available whenever you need him. We have plans for that too. Our webmaster maintenance plans start at $149 a month and that includes up to 3 hours tech time each month.

Our webmaster retainer plans are very popular because it is like having your own webmaster on staff without all the expense of hiring someone full time.