Reputation Management
What are you doing to protect yours?

A Wise Man Once Said...  "He Who Has The Most 5-Star Reviews Wins!"

There is no regulatory agency to ensure that the reviews done on your company are fair or true.  Folks can, pretty much, post whatever they want.  Our Online Reputation Management service will make certain that the positive reviews about you will be what everyone sees.

Fact: 80% of people surveyed have changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they read online…  OUCH!

Almost everyone looking for your products or services online will “google” you and read the reviews… you had better hope that what they see is good.

Or better yet, take a proactive approach and make sure what they see is good.  Don’t leave your business at the mercy of the online commentaries… instead use them to your advantage.

Our Online Reputation Management service does just that.  We optimize the positive reviews about your business so that favorable reviews dominate the search results thus pushing down the negative reviews so that they are not easily found.

What We Do...
The old techniques of Reputation Management don't work in today's market... Our system is different and the differences are huge!
  • We Manage Your Reputation...
  • We Build Your Reputation...
  • We Market Your Reputation...

Reputation Management + Brand Marketing = Reputation Marketing


Manage Reputation

Build Reputation

Market Reputation

  • Team Monitors Your Listings
  • Sends You Review Alerts
  • Responds To Bad Reviews
  • Detailed Reputation Reporting
  • Monthly Marketing Analysis
  • Employee Training Center
  • Feedback Survey Pages
  • Custom Print Media Center
  • Custom Mobile Review App
  • Proprietary Posting System
  • Market On Your Website
  • Market To Social Media
  • Market To Photo Sharing
  • Market To Video Sharing
  • Market In Sales Media

Our Gold Reputation Marketing Strategy We Will Implement For You

  • Personally Train All Your Staff On Reputation
  • Develop A Reputation Strategy For You To Get Reviews Fast
  • Build Your Reputation & Position You As The Market Leader
  • Monitor & Alert You On New Reviews Everyday
  • Build A Customized Mobile App To Collect Reviews
  • Program Professionally Designed Survey & Feedback Pages
  • Create Monthly Reputation & Feedback Analysis Reports
  • Post Reviews To Your Website, Blog, Plus 1 Other Site
  • Daily Post Your Reviews To FB, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Create Professional Review Images For Daily Syndication
  • Create & Broadcast Monthly "Review Commercials"
  • Create & Broadcast An Expert CNN Type Interview Video

If You Were To Hire Someone To Do All Of This... It Would Cost A Small Fortune!  

We Can Do It All & More For A Fraction Of The Cost...

Bronze Brand Manager
Silver Business Builder
Gold Market Crusher
/monthly - $500 Setup
/monthly - $800 Setup
/monthly - $1000 Setup
Setup 10 Local Listings... Listing Optimization... 24/7 Monitoring... Instant Review Alerts... Online Review Analytics... Monthly Reputation Reports... Respond Bad Reviews
Setup 15 local listings... Includes all Brand Manager features... Custom feedback Page... Survey & Review Capturing... Auto Review Filtering... Online Review Builder... Feedback analytics... Mobile app kiosk... Employee Training Center... $2000 Media Center
Brand Manager & Business Builder features... Pro designed images... Monthly video review commercials... Website review marketing... Social review marketing... Image review marketing... Video review marketing... Video syndication & SEO... Reputation marketing analytics
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