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“1Click Agency was down to earth, easy to talk to, and was genuinely interested and attentive to my vision. I couldn’t be happier.”
William Schrom

Chemung County Sheriff

“When I started getting more and more compliments on my new website, I realized I made the right decision and today I am getting more traffic to my website than ever before!”
Jeff Alden

Owner, OnTemp Heating and Cooling

What Makes 1Click Agency So Different?

Most SEO companies will charge you much higher rates and they will not guarantee anything, nor will they offer a refund if they have no results.   At 1Click we are so very confident in our ability to get you ranked on the first page of Google that if you are not ranking on the first page within the first 6 months then we start working for free until you are.

What exactly is your guarantee?

We base (and update) our guarantees based on what we believe is a reasonable expectation and timeframe for successful SEO.

Our Guarantees are only applicable for 10 Keyword, normal SEO Services and above.

There are no guarantees for the 5 keyword or Maintenance packages.

The guarantee for the Normal and Advanced SEO Packages are based on 20 keywords and the guarantee for the Aggressive SEO campaign is based on 30 keywords.

Low Competition SEO Niche – Service Guarantees

Type of Service Covered By This Guarantee

● Small Businesses
● Local Businesses with Low Competition (City Wide)
● Local Businesses with Low Competition (Suburb Based)

Example Businesses
● Local Tile Installation & Removal (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Private Investigators (Suburbs Based)
● Local Stone Restoration & Repairs (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Beauty Salons & Therapists (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Mechanics, Auto Repairs, Servicing (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Signage (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Packers, Packaging, Movers (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Gardening (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Farm Stays (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Backpackers (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Personal Trainers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Builders (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Storage (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Building & Pest Inspections (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Accountants (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Photographers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Pool Builders (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Solar Companies (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Dog Training & Grooming (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Wedding Planners (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Floors and Installers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Entertainers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Eye Care & Optometrist (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Pool Builders, Inspectors, Installers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Dog Trainers & Groomers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Cleaners (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Fireplaces (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Handymen (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Furniture Stores (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Panel Beaters, Smash Repairs (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Grocery Stores (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Fabricators (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Metal Recyclers (City & Suburbs Based)
● Local Security (Suburbs Based)
● Local Driving Schools (Suburbs Based)
● Local Swimming Trainers (Suburbs Based)
● Local Bedding Stores (Suburbs Based)
● Local Supermarkets (Suburbs Based)

If you are unsure whether your campaign fits this Low Competition Guarantee level, please ask our team.

Guarantees We Honour For Low Competition Campaigns
● 50% Keywords in Page 1 over 6 Months
● 80% Keywords in Page 1 over 12 months
● 90% Keywords in Page 1 over 18 Months

Medium Competition SEO Niche – Service Guarantees

Type of Service Covered By This Guarantee

● Small & Medium Businesses (City Wide & Suburbs Based)
● Local Businesses with Medium & High Competition (City Wide)
● Local Businesses with High Competition (Suburbs Based)

Example Businesses
● Local Builders, Renovations, Extensions, Gazebos (City Wide)
● Local Mechanics, Auto Repairs, Servicing (City Wide)
● Local Weight Loss (City Wide)
● Local Doctors (City Wide and Suburbs Based)
● Local Eye-Care & Optometrist (City Wide)
● Local Personal, Yoga & Fitness Trainers (City Wide & Suburbs Based)
● Local Security (City Wide)
● Local Jobs, Recruitment (City Wide)
● Local Panel Beaters, Smash Repairs (City Wide)
● Local Storage (City Wide)
● Local Cleaners (City Wide)
● Local Forklifts (City Wide)
● Local Tile Installation & Removal (City Wide)
● Local Private Investigators (City Wide)
● Local Fabricators (City Wide)
● Local Car Sales (City Wide and Suburbs Based)
● Local Skin & Beauty Care Clinics, Treatment, Surgeons (City Wide and Suburbs Based)
● Local Childcare & Learning Centres (City Wide and Suburbs Based)
● Local Vets, Vet Clinics, Hospitals (City Wide and Suburbs Based)
● Local Furniture Stores (City Wide)
● Local Financial Planners (City Wide)
● Local Beauty Salons & Therapists (City Wide)
● Local Fireplaces (City Wide)
● Local Electricians (City Wide & Suburbs Based)
● Local Loans (City Wide & Suburbs Based)
● Local Car Hire, Rentals, Transfers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Restaurants, Accommodation & Hotels (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Real Estate (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Business Coaches & Consultants (City Wide)
● Local Building & Pest Inspections (City Wide)
● Local Painters & Decorators (City Wide)
● Local Accountants (City Wide)
● Local Photographers (City Wide)
● Local Pool Builders (City Wide)
● Local Solar Companies (City Wide)
● Local Dog Training & Grooming (City Wide)
● Local Wedding Planners (City Wide)
● Local Floors and Installers (City Wide)
● Local Entertainers (City Wide)
● Local Phycologists (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Dentists (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Plumbers (Suburbs Based & City Wide)
● Local Architects (City Wide)
● Local IT Solutions (Suburbs Based)
● Local Hair Salons (City Wide)
● Local Fashion Stores (City Wide)
● Local Handymen (City Wide)
● Local Digital Marketing/Online Marketing (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Marketing & Advertising Agencies (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Lawyers (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Social Media Marketing (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local SEO Companies (Suburbs Based Only)
● Local Web Design & Development (Suburbs Based Only)

If you are unsure whether a campaign fits this Medium Competition Guarantee level, please ask our team.

Guarantees We Honour For Medium Competition Campaigns
● 50% Keywords in Page 1 over 6 Months
● 70% Keywords in Page 1 over 12 months
● 80% Keywords in Page 1 over 18 Months
● 90% Keywords in Page 1 over 24 Months


High Competition SEO Niche – Service Guarantees

Type of Service Covered By This Guarantee

● Nationwide Businesses
● eCommerce Stores
● Local Businesses with Extremely High Competition (City Wide)


Example Businesses

● Local Digital Marketing/Online Marketing (City Wide)
● Local Marketing & Advertising Agencies (City Wide)
● Local Lawyers (City Wide)
● Local Social Media Marketing (City Wide)
● Local SEO Companies (City Wide)
● Local Web Design & Development (City Wide)
● Local Business Coaches & Consultants (City Wide)
● Local Insurance (City Wide)
● Local Car Hire, Rentals, Transfers (City Wide)
● Local News (City Wide)
● Local IT Solutions (City Wide)
● Online Courses (City Wide)
● App Development
● Travel, Holidays & Tours
● Local Software
● Financial Markets
● Online Fashion Stores
● Online Shopping Stores
● Nationwide Businesses
● Major Nationwide Franchises

● 25% Keywords in Page 1 over 6 Months
● 50% Keywords in Page 1 over 12 months
● 75% Keywords in Page 1 over 18 Months
● 90% Keywords in Page 1 over 24 Months

If you are unsure whether a campaign fits this High Competition Guarantee level, please ask our team.

Businesses With No SEO Guarantees

Type of Websites/Service Not Covered By Guarantees
● Extremely Competitive National Businesses
● 5 Keyword SEO Campaigns
● Maintenance Campaigns

Example Businesses

● Digital/Online Marketing (Nationwide)
● Lawyers (Nationwide)
● SEO Companies (Nationwide)
● Graphic Design (Nationwide)
● Web Design & Development (Nationwide)
● Insurance (Nationwide)
● Software (Nationwide)
● Domain Names & Web Hosting (Nationwide)
● Builders (Nationwide)
● Weight Loss (Nationwide)
● Mortgages (Nationwide)
● Finance (Nationwide)

There are other industries that will also fit this category.



No Guarantees

We endeavor to deliver best possible results but these niches are too competitive to be able to reliably predict results in a way that we can formulate guarantees.

What Our Guarantees Mean
When We Do Not Meet Our Performance Commitments
When a service we are running goes into a guarantee status, we simply keep working on the campaign until the minimum performance criteria of that campaign is met. We do this at no charge. We start billing again once we meet our minimum performance criteria.

This is not a money back guarantee, it’s a guarantee we will meet our performance commitments. 

Guarantee Conditions:

For a guarantee to be valid and executable, the following criteria must be valid:
1. There are no pre- existing Google penalties or algorithmic demotions in place on the client’s website at the start of the engagement. These will be picked up following access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and fed back to you during the first month of the campaign.
2. All on page recommendations we have suggested are agreed to and implemented in a timely fashion A. Where revisions are made to our recommendations, we have reviewed and agreed to those revisions, ensuring the on page work remains consistent with our target keywords
3. All off -page SEO work is quality checked and approved for publication in a timely manner
4. There are no major changes to the Google algorithm during the period which change the way websites rank and also require changes in the SEO process
5. Free Month (Either 1st Free Month or 3 Months Free Trial) will not be included in Guarantees Time Frames, ie the timeframes are PAID timeframes
6. All payments for servicing the campaign are up to date

What is included with Local SEO?


1. Basic Local SEO
Ideal for a business looking for a suburb based local SEO presence
2. Advanced Local SEO
Ideal for a business looking for a capital city (or other city or regional hotspot) based local SEO presence
3. Multi Location Local SEO
Ideal for businesses with up to 5 locations, working on a local SEO presence for each of the locations

• Local SEO depends on the repeated citation of your business’s Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP).  So you will need to provide this information, presented exactly as it needs to be illustrated in local directories.
• Website URL.
• Hours of operation
• We would request 2 reviews per month.

Note if we are creating new Google profiles, they often require a postcard with a PIN to be sent to the business location. We need this PIN to activate the account. So often the setup process can take 3/4 weeks to complete, assuming prompt delivery of the Google PIN.

• We will take the correct NAP (Name, Address, Phone) from you
• We will either create a new Google Places profile or optimise the current one
• We will approve reviews provided and post them to the Google Profile, from different sources at different frequencies to keeping them looking organic.
• We will build citations in local directories using the NAP given
• We will approve other reviews provided, and use these ones for posting on the business’s profile on the directories such as TrueLocal, Yellow Pages etc.
• We will provide a Monthly Google Maps Ranking Report, Analytics Report & Work Report

The “local SEO placements” area of Google changes quite frequently. The types of things that change include: LOCAL SEO
● The map moving from the right hand side of the page (among Adwords listings) to the left (within SEO listings)
● The number of listings displayed on page 1 changes.
● At the writing of this document, a recent change was to both move the local listings within the organic SEO results, and reduce the number of page 1 local listings to 3. This made the local SEO listings much more competitive than they were previously, where up to 7 listings were displayed.
● You should be aware that Local SEO is an ongoing marketing strategy, not fixed term. That your profile should be kept up to date, similarly to a profile on other ratings websites (TripAdvisor is a good example) and the importance of providing us real reviews for publication.
● Currently, due to Google’s recent Local SEO changes, we are not offering a guarantee on these services.

What is included in National SEO plans?

Our SEO Dedicated Resources service maximizes the use of time and key personnel by ensuring simple, time consuming tasks are dealt with in a cost effective manner for you.

SEO Purpose

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so it appears on page 1 in the search engines (primarily Google) for the search phrases prospects who do NOT know of the website or business use, when searching for the products and services that the business and website attempt to sell

● These results appear in the organic listings, not the paid listings and not the maps listings

● So the idea with this is that when people are searching for your products, they find the business we are doing SEO for first and contact you about doing business.

● I.E. In positioning your website on the top of Google for the keywords people use when searching for the your products and services, you will enjoy free targeted traffic from the search engines

● Another part of SEO, often ignored, is optimizing your brand on search engines when people are specifically researching that business. Part of this is reputation management, however SEO itself should help this by providing quality content on business directories and other properties when they directly represent the brand. These elements of SEO should not be inaccurate as this can have a negative impact on this. This is why you are required to quality check these parts of the campaign

● Traffic from search engines is highly desired as prospects are often in a purchasing frame of mind when searching for what they need. They are in the market to buy when they search for your product. So the conversion process to a lead or sale from search engine traffic is often a lot higher than other forms of interruptive styles of advertising.

● Paid traffic from search engines is also getting more and more expensive. As such, despite the early investment required to position a website well, over time the ROI from SEO traffic can be much higher than that from paid traffic

SEO Is Working When:

● Success in SEO means the website being SEO’d is ranking well in Google for the keywords being targeted in the campaign. This means at a minimum, most keywords are on page 1 of Google. Many keywords will hopefully also be within the top 3 positions

● This will be reported on with the monthly SEO Ranking report

● Typically this will also mean an increase in organic (free), search driven traffic to the website

● This will be reported on with the monthly traffic reports generated from Google Analytics (assuming access to Google Analytics has been given)

● A successful SEO campaign will also ensure that your business is represented strongly and professionally when people search for the business specifically

● These are the basics of a reputation management campaign

● There are many listings for the business in business directories etc, taking most places in Google page 1

● All entries related to your brand are written professionally and correctly represent the your key messages

Our SEO Process

Initial Month
o Initial audit and research
o Penalty analysis
o Keyword recommendations
o Initial benchmarking
o Onpage recommendations
o Update approved onpage recommendations
o Beginning of authority enhancements through building backlinks
▪ Business Directory
▪ Web 2.0 Properties
▪ Social bookmarks
▪ Guest blog posting
▪ Unique articles
▪ Social Media shares

Regular Monthly Jobs
o Correct website quality issues
o Ongoing onpage improvements
o Ongoing authority improvements
▪ Business Directories
▪ Web 2.0 Properties
▪ Social bookmarks
▪ Guest blog posting
▪ Unique articles
▪ Social Media shares
○ Monthly reporting and recommendations
● Additional Regular Quarterly Jobs
o Quarterly full SEO profile audit to ensure compliance with Google’s quality guidelines
o Actively disavow backlinks we do not believe are compliant with Google’s quality guidelines


● Set up all reporting tools
● Undertake initial analysis and provide results
● Provide benchmarks at the start of a campaign
● Prepare draft on page recommendations for website SEO improvements
● Prepare draft descriptions for business directory listings
● Professionally execute website changes
● Professionally improve website authority through link building activities, using approved business directory descriptions where appropriate
● Improve website through correction of SEO errors, as directed by industry standard tools
● Provide reporting on SEO results, traffic (where analytics is installed) and all our activities for the previous month
● Provide Skype access to team leaders to assist communicate through technical items

● SEO as a service is designed to “optimize” the way a website (and the business it supports) performs in the search engines
● SEO really should only be seen as a foundational (albeit an important one) building block to a robust marketing strategy
● SEO does not do anything outside the relationship between the search engines and websites
● Typically (but not always) this translates into an improvement in traffic to the website
o A limitation of SEO is that this is not always the case. In some industries there is limited “stock” for search traffic
o Assuming a successful campaign does send more traffic to a website, the next limitation of SEO is that it does not take responsibility for converting that search traffic into more or better leads. In fact, the implementation of an SEO campaign may even work against this
o Conversion rate optimization is the service which creates value here. This can be invaluable when working together with meaningful SEO
● SEO does not build a database for prospect nurturing. Nor does it nurture
● SEO is not part of a sales process either it does not convert leads to sale
● The major players can also randomly change the rules, resulting in degradation of results. You should be prepared for this with a communication strategy for clients in the off chance Google has a major shift in the future

SEO What’s Next
● Success in SEO will result in your website being highly visible in search engines and with all else being equal, result in an increase of free, search driven traffic to your website
● Conversion Rate Optimisation is a logical next service. This service will look specifically at the way the website interacts with the traffic it receives (from all sources) and endeavours to improve the way the website uses traffic, maximising lead generation
● If SEO is resulting in positive lead generation, an Adwords campaign will complement this by generating more traffic (AdWords traffic tends to be additional, incremental to SEO traffic. It is an extra rather than a replacement of)
● The Adwords conversion rate should be higher than SEO as it will be more specific and can be complemented with specific landing pages to support lead generation
● Other digital marketing strategies designed to do the things SEO does can be implemented, such as building a database of prospects, nurturing strategies (email marketing), Social Media lead generation

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