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Hello, I am Todd Moss, CEO of the 1Click Agency.  If your car breaks down do you pop the hood and start working on it yourself? Some people do! I do not! I take it down to the local garage where the experts are trained and have all the right test equipment and tools to get my car running smoothly again. I know the basics of car repair... I have studied auto mechanics, but I still would prefer to take my car to the garage because my time is better spent doing the things that make me money, or that I enjoy.

Heck, I don't even waste my time taking it down to the garage anymore... I have AAA come pick it up. (I also take care of my mechanics website because he would rather fix cars.)

I am betting that you are the same way, and if you take your car to the garage to keep it tuned up then why not do the same thing with your website? Sure you could do it yourself but what could take you hours to figure out our professional staff could do in minutes.  

This is because we live & breath this stuff! 

The 1Click Agency is a local marketing, web development, and hosting company... we want to be your local website garage.  It doesn't matter if your website just needs an occasional tuneup, or if you want it monitored day and night to prevent hackers from messing it up, or to keep the software apps updated so that the site doesn't crash. Perhaps you need a few modifications from time to time, or possibly you want to get it turbo charged so you can start seeing an increase in traffic and in your profits.  

However you would like us to participate... we are here for you.


If you would like to learn more about our "Do-It-Yourself" hosting then we can help you with that too... Please check our hosting options here for details.

We offer several great options for website management.

There are no contracts, or commitments, you can cancel anytime.
That is it!  Simple & Easy!

So Start By Choosing A Management Plan...

Managed Website & Hosting

Only $49.95 monthly

Our Managed Website plan will keep the plugins, themes, and base platform updated on your website. It will be fully secure your site with firewalls and other protections against hackers as well. Lastly, we do weekly backups on your site. This plan also includes an upgrade to our higher-speed servers to ensure a faster load time. 24/7 Tech Support available via support help-desk, phone, or chat.

Fully Managed Website & Hosting

Only $99.95 monthly

Our Fully Managed Website plan includes everything from the Managed Website plan, plus 1 hour of tech time per month for design or content changes to your website to save you time and money. We will also keep the plugins, themes, and base platform updated, it will be fully secure with firewalls and other protections against hackers, and we do daily backups.

Advanced Website Management

Only $149 monthly

The Advanced Website Management plan includes everything from the smaller packages, plus we also provide you with an additional 1 hour of tech time per month. This means 2 total hours of tech time per month for all the design or content changes that you need help with.